A Magic Wand to Travel Issues

It’s hard to control an excitable buzz when the words ‘Business trip’, ‘conference’ and ‘Oslo’ are directed at you during a tedious meeting. This new piece of information is as interesting as the previous discussion on this morning’s stock market fluctuations because a business trip is to be treated as work and not a holiday.

A number of challenges can arise when business leads to unfamiliar places, one of the most common dangers to corporate travellers is petty crime. A recent study indicated that 15% of business travellers believe crime to be a more of a threat than terrorism.

Dressed in the latest offerings from Ted Baker with Apple tech in-hand doesn’t exactly scream local citizen, more so easy target. It may be necessary to impress your hosts and represent your company to the best possible standard however fashion can be one the most distinguishing factors between cultures. A simple search online will tell you what to wear, in order to look like a suave local and prevent that company iPad being stolen.

Cultural differences can cause language, cuisine and etiquette issues as well. There may not be enough time to become fluent through a Rosetta Stone language course, however, learning the simple basics will be appreciated by your hosts.  They will see you’re trying and are serious about the intentions of the visit. Cyborlink.com gives a comprehensive guide for business travellers on the social etiquettes of countries around the world.

The whole travelling experience can conjure up moments of pressure; What if you miss the plane? What if your passport is stolen? What if you need late check-in? What if Daniel Radcliff is on your flight and you show him your best Harry Potter impression? Fear not, MB Private Clients has expertise in concierge services which handle all travel arrangements and issues that may arise. We are on call 24 hours a day to manage last minute requests and give advice, especially to be used as that magic wand when it’s needed.

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