Is Safety a Priority?

The number of individuals travelling is at a record high, 3.77 billion to be exact. Business travellers account for a large percentage of these trips due to the enterprises that are flourishing and the companies that continue to push themselves. With so many business employees in the air, you would expect companies to have solid security policies in place to safeguard their human capital, unfortunately, this is not the case.

A study has found that 36% of corporates have little confidence that their firm would provide the correct information during overseas emergencies, whilst 46% said the companies they work for have no travel security policies.

The neglect towards this integral aspect of travelling is because companies are not prioritising it. Profit margins and marketing strategy are ranked higher in importance than the safety of travelling employees however when a lack of policy and protocol is brought to attention, often too late, a surge of legal and financial consequences can occur, not to mention the negative PR that entails.

When safety is addressed, the focus tends to lean towards the most dramatic issues such as natural disasters, kidnapping and terrorism. Theft, car accidents and medical incidents are often forgotten about even though they are much more frequent, mostly because these are everyday occurrences so they aren’t accounted for.

The holes in a business’s security measures can widen when experts aren’t present for the preparation. When you or your business do break safety protocol, our security program will be the safety net to help catch you. We provide immediate call outs and assessments around the world.

To join our security programme email us on and discover the safest way to travel!

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