Netflix and Check In

Next time you travel be sure to pack the passwords to your favourite TV streaming subscriptions. The hotel group Hyatt have joined the many other hoteliers offering streaming services in their rooms as demands from guests continue. The dominance of these services proves that personalisation within the travel and hospitality industries is a growing necessity for travellers around the world.

Gone are the days of watching badly dubbed ‘Friends’ episodes in Spanish, or listening to the same four bulletins circulate on the BBC World News Service as it’s the only English language transmission in the Middle East. Binge watching the latest season of ‘House of Cards’ by Netflix is now on the table after a long day of meetings and boardroom discussions. Hotels providing these home comforts makes the whole corporate travel experience more relaxing.

Whilst this may be a saving grace to many, are hotels entertaining the notion of a self-made all inclusive? Stay in and watch a movie on Amazon Prime with some room service, use the hotel gym facilities before the conference on the fourth floor…

When moments of leisure become available, take the opportunity to wander the meandering streets of the city. You may even bump into Phil (that entrepreneur from the exciting tech company, who you met earlier at the conference on the fourth floor) and go for a drink to eventually secure that deal. The Netflix can wait until you’re in bed the next morning, feeling the results of the night before!

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