10 Travel Accessories You Didn't Know Existed

10 Travel Accessories You Didn’t Know Existed

There are some essential items that mustn’t be forgotten when travelling such as the travel sized toothpaste or the universal plug adaptor. Whilst browsing the shelves for these travel necessities you may come across some peculiar products that you didn’t even know existed, but somehow you feel the urge to buy. 

Here are 10 unusual products that will spark your curiosity and may even come in handy next time you travel.


1. Foot Hammock


For pure comfort whilst flying, this easy to install footrest will make any long journey bearable. The foot hammock can be used on planes, trains and automobiles, perfect for when you need to put your feet up and do some work. It also has the added benefit of preventing deep vein thrombosis.


2. Garment Carrier

One of the biggest banes of travelling is creases in your clothes!

You iron all your clothes the night before your flight, carefully folding your garments into your suitcase for minimal creases. However, once you start unpacking at the hotel, you realise you may have well crumpled all your clothes in a ball and stuffed them into your bag. Thankfully the IAMRUNBOX Garment carrier can hold a shirt and trousers to crisp ironed perfection. A true saviour for international business meetings or conferences.


3. Wallet Ninja

26 tools in one nifty card. This flat piece of crafted metal fits neatly into the credit card section of most wallets. The gadget can open bottles, tighten screws and even act as a phone holder, most importantly it acts as a great conversation piece. The Wallet Ninja is also TSA approved for carrying on to flights. 


4. Travel Door Alarm

If you travel to destinations with high levels of risk or are in a disposition where your safety is a concern, installing travel alarms on doors and windows of your accommodation will help you sleep soundlessly. Unless it goes off… 


5. Ostrich Pillow

Fall asleep almost anywhere with this all-encompassing pillow. When you need to shut out the world, the Ostrich Pillow helps block all light and sound for a truly comfortable and undisturbed sleep. You may be the cause of lot staring from passers-by, but who cares when your head is wrapped in soft cushioning. Couple the Ostrich Pillow with the foot hammock and Economy will turn into First Class within seconds. 


6. Homestar Travel Planetarium

When you’re lying on your hotel bed trying to fall asleep, there are times when you think to yourself, ‘you know what would be really cool right now… a planetarium’. Well, now your wishes have been granted with the Homestar Travel Planetarium, the small gadget projects a starry night across the ceiling. The Planetarium has six different galaxies to view and doubles up as an alarm clock.


7. Hickies Stretchy Laces

If you’re a frequent flyer, constantly taking your shoes off for airport security can take its toll. Replace your laces with these stretchy laces and any pair of shoes will slide off your feet like slippers. Using these laces will speed up the security process at any airport, also they come in a range of colours and styles so they can match your footwear perfectly. 


8. USB Pen

It’s a pen, a stylus for tablets and a USB. You may see this is as another gimmick, we see this as the ultimate saviour. Lose your passport or other important documents whilst abroad and this handy pen has you covered. Its vital to carry copies of your passport and visa whilst abroad, why not store them in your pen?


9. Travel Spice Rack

Are you part of the growing trend of travellers opting for self-catering apartments? If so, this is essential for your travels. Take your favourite spices and food accompaniments to bring the flavours of home along with you.


10. Micro Luggage Scooter

Finally, to conclude this list of unusual, weird and somewhat bizarre travel products we have the Micro Luggage Scooter. Endorsed by international superstar DJ Steve Aoki, the limited edition scooter also features integrated Bluetooth speakers. Whilst wheels on a suitcase are nothing new, the wheel here has definitely been reinvented. Ride through airports and high streets quickly, efficiently and in style.

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