The Worlds Most Luxurious Island Destinations


Deciding where to go on holiday can be difficult. First, you have to choose what type of holiday you feel like having; relaxing or adventurous? Natural or Cosmopolitan?

Then comes the hardest part… Where?

One thing is for certain, any holiday should be done in luxurious style! After all, it’s about that ‘Me Time’ so treat yourself to something extraordinary and special.

Thankfully we have compiled a collection of the luxurious island destinations from around the world to make your life easier when deciding on where exactly to go.



The Seychelles

Synonymous with paradise, it’s hard not to see the allure of The Seychelles.

Crystal clear waters, luscious rainforests and some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. This archipelago of 115 islands has truly stunning coral reefs to snorkel in, whilst there are beautiful vistas to be found atop the hills in the Morne National Park.

The Seychelles is a popular destination with Honeymooners, but don’t let that put you off visiting this gorgeous collection of islands if you are a solo traveller or a family, as there are many different resorts each offering a service for all.



St. Barths

Blending the style of St. Tropez with the ambience of the Caribbean, St. Barth’s is the perfect destination to relax.

It’s when the sun sets that the island really starts to sparkle, spend time in one of the many islands bars and restaurants to see the glamour of its visitors.

When choosing a beach spot on the island you are truly spoilt for choice. The island has 16 pristine beaches, ranging from shores on accessible by boat or resort owned patches where every need can be accommodated for.



The Maldives

If you ask anyone to think of the most luxurious destination in the world, most would say the Maldives.

There is a good reason for this reputation, made up of a plethora of small islands, here you will find never-ending beauty and bountiful sunshine.

Days can be made up of relaxing and swimming in the glorious Indian ocean, sunbathing on pristine white sands and dining at underwater restaurants!



Bora Bora

Idyllic sandy beaches and a welcoming atmosphere that is unparalleled to any other luxury island, what’s not to love?

Stay in lavish villas that hang over the water’s edge, perfect for those looking for a romantic getaway.

Bora Bora is the one place you can find your true oasis with its picturesque turquoise lagoons. The island is famous for its vibrant corals and amazing sea life which attracts divers from around the globe.




Feel right at home in Mauritius. One of the first things you’ll notice here is how friendly the locals are. They have a naturally welcoming culture and an island that boasts seven distinct areas each with their own eminence.

Take a tour of local villages by bicycle, find artistic crafts at markets and visit nature reserves to spot endangered species.

Argued as Africas wealthiest destination, the island attracts a crowd who aren’t shy of expecting luxury, and by far does the island provide.


If any of these amazing island destinations appeal to you, we can organise a truly luxurious holiday for you. Our detailed approach means every one of your needs is looked after when holidaying with MB Private Clients. 

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