Interesting Airports of the World

Business travellers get to see an impressive amount of airports throughout the years. When an airport has that ‘wow’ factor it makes the beginning of any business trip just that little bit easier. Presenting 6 airports with features that will make you want to travel to the destination just for the airport itself.

1. Madrid Barajas Airport

One of the most visually pleasing interiors for an airport, designed by Antonio Lamela, the waved ceiling greets you like a tide at the beach. Wander through Arrivals whilst observing the colours and textures of this award winning airport.

2. Kuala Lumpur International Airport

After the stress of security, all you want to do is relax. This airport offers an impressive Jungle themed Garden located in the heart of the Satellite Terminal to unwind in. Between the choice of overpriced perfume or fresh air, which aroma would you prefer?

3. Chicago O’ Hare Airport

Another airport with an exciting ceiling, whilst Madrid chose the tasteful Scandinavian approach, Chicago has been inspired by Bridget Riley. Whizz between terminals to the pulsating rainbow of colours and illusionary patterns. The airport also displays a few curios such as a life size replica of a Brachiosaurus.

4. Kansai International Airport

Japan is a country limited with space; Italian architect Renzo Pianos’ solution to build an airport off the Honshu Shore was met with admiration. The artificial island is located 38km from Osaka Central Station making the journey quick and efficient due to the Sky Gate Bridge. Over the past 20 years, the island has expanded to include more terminals and airline headquarters.

5. Broome International Airport

The town in North Western Australia has become a tourist hotspot for its pearl industry and Japanese Cemetery. Landing into the dusty red outskirts you will find yourself greeted by two moderate huts; departures and arrivals. The vast architectural expanses we have become accustomed to today are completely stripped away at Broome International Airport. Even tourists stop to take selfies and photographs in its marvel.


6. Berlin Tempelhof Airport

This Nazi built airport opened in 1927 and served as the main operating airport during the World Wars and the Cold War. Terminal one was once part of the top 20 largest buildings in the world however it housed the world’s smallest duty-free. Closing in 2008 due to a multitude of complications, it soon became an entertainment space hosting fashion shows, concerts, sporting events, exhibitions and conferences (as well as the odd illegal rave). Recently the large open space has become a refugee shelter, taking in nearly 7,000 people.

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