6 Tips for a Successful Meeting

Meetings are the same the world over, whether it’s in London, Paris, New York or Brunei, they all face the same organisational challenges. Here are 5 tips for a successful meeting wherever you are in the world.

  1. Go Plan

    Before the meeting even commences, email all the participants the evening before to confirm the agenda. State a brief overview of what needs to be covered and what stationary might be needed. Provide background information on the subject matter so everyone is prepared. Come meeting time the next day, everyone will be in the right attitude to get stuck in.

  2. Go device free.

    Turn off all mobiles, tablets, laptops and smart watches. A distraction free meeting allows the whole team to be involved. Take notes using a notebook (the kind with pages), some people may presume you are answering emails if you use your iPad.

  3. Go Green

    Are your offices located near some green space? Take the meeting outside and enjoy some fresh air, the change in scenery should get the creative juices flowing. Being outside will also create a relaxed atmosphere, this may prove to render some impressive results.

  4. Go Lead

    Assign a meeting leader. Guiding the meeting through the agenda points and making sure it starts and finishes to schedule. The leader should be someone who is great at organisation and preferably has some form of authority; especially to tell chatterboxes to give others a turn to speak.

  5. Don’t Go At All

    Do you even need a meeting? Lucid has reported that 31% of employees believe their meetings are not as effective as proposed. With this in mind, you should assess the situation of what needs to be said and achieved. Can results be gained by other means, a simple email? A telephone call? Telepathy?

  6. Go Stress Free

    One of the most difficult aspects of planning a meeting is choosing the perfect location. Outdated 1980’s office blocks are unlikely to impress business clients from around the globe. When you need a location that is far more regal, we can recommend and organise the best meeting for your business needs.

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