7 Must Have Travel Gadgets

Where would we be without technological advancements? The credit card, the iPhone and the Segway will forever go down in history as gadgets that changed the world. Okay, maybe the Segway didn’t make such an impact on our daily lives but it was still revolutionary.

Here are 7 gadgets that ease or enhance the business travel journey.

1. Rimowa Topas Luggage Bags

These luxury aluminium suitcases have been reinvented with a host of technological capabilities. Connecting via Bluetooth with your smartphone it can display luggage labels on the LCD screen and track your luggage. The onboard computer adds extra security to the combination locks whilst the aluminium casing adds durability. Whatever happens, this case won’t get lost or battered.

2. DXO One

Canon or Nikon? It has been one of the greatest debates between photographers.

Samsung or Apple? It has been one of the greatest debates between smartphone users.

Some debates may never reach an outcome but one thing we can all agree on is that everybody needs a DXO One. Transforming any smartphone into a DSLR camera, this gadget is great for business travellers who have a photographic eye. Travelling to amazing cities around the world with only a small cabin bag means sacrifices are made… Goodbye the bulky Canon 6D, hello the pocket sized DXO One. The 20 megapixel camera features Manual settings for total control of your images and can be shot in RAW and JPEG files. Marketers can shoot high-quality shots for their Instagram stories with ease.

3. goTenna

For those who travel to countries where there is the possibility of danger from the natural environment or even political unrest, the goTenna could be a lifesaver. Literally. Sold in pairs, these modern-day Walkie Talkies create an off-grid network which you can connect to in order to contact other goTenna users and text message privately without cellular service.  The connection has been known to reach as far as 26 miles in remote areas whilst cities centres have a 1 mile radius.

4. ScotteVest Quest

One of the biggest banes for a business traveller is travelling light. With the ScotteVest Quest, you can wear half your carry-on luggage. With an abundance of pockets for gadgets, you now have more room to pack other necessities. It may look like you have spent a bit too long at the Krispy Kreme counter at the airport but at least you’ll be able to show off your mini projector at the business meeting.

5. Digitsole

Long haul flights will never be the same after you have slipped some foot warmers under your toes.  Airlines have a tendency to blast cold air throughout the cabins, these insoles warm up your feet to your desired temperature.  The temperature is controlled via a mobile app which can also track how many steps you take.  The soft cushioning also helps with general posture when standing and has other health benefits.

Image result for digitsole

6. Scrubba Washbag

A washing machine in a bag! Sometimes the hotel laundry service can be too slow so you have to take matters into your own hands. This wash bag scrubs your clothes clean after 3 minutes of rubbing due to its specially integrated washboard. Using the drying kit you can quickly dry your garments too, this is an essential accessory for those who often have spur of the moment plans whilst travelling.

7. Steamfast Travel Iron

After you’ve used your Scrubba Washbag and dry kit, those clothes need to be looking crisp. The Steamfast Travel Iron is the world’s smallest iron so it can fit nicely in your luggage. Due to its size, it is nimble enough to iron pockets, collars and other hard to reach places whilst only taking 15 seconds to heat up. You’ll never have to hang up your clothes in the bathroom whilst you take a shower again.


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