10 Reasons Why Your Next Business Trip Should Be In Vienna

Are you stuck on planning which market to dominate next? Have you thought about the Viennese? No? Here’s 10 reasons why the Austrian capital should be the next destination in your strategy.

  1. It’s in the centre of Europe!

Its geographical location means it’s a hotspot for all things European! Business people of Vienna are often bilingual (or multilingual) with English and Turkish being the most commonly spoken second languages by natives. It’s also a city brimming with cultural and historical importance due to its Roman beginnings which has ultimately led to neoclassical buildings throughout the city.

  1. It’s in the centre of Europe: Part two!

Being in the centre of Europe means it is well connected to its neighbouring countries. There are fast trains to Munich, Zagreb, Prague, Venice, Bratislava and Budapest. Getting to and from Vienna has never been easier as they have recently opened up two new airport terminals and the central train station has been expanded. Over 200 multinational companies have chosen to base their headquarters in the city because of its links with other CEE regions.

  1. The United Nations Headquarters

Because Geneva wasn’t enough the UN have their second European Headquarters in Vienna. The faculties here focus on sustainability, space and science whilst their core peacekeeping interventions focus on war and drugs.  The UN successfully trialled it’s New Urban Agenda in the city which aimed to strengthen communities and give all citizens access to equal opportunities. Which leads nicely to the next point…

  1. It’s the most liveable city in Europe

Whilst the ‘Best City in the World’ accolade goes to Melbourne, Vienna has held the 2nd spot for the past 8 years. The Economist Intelligence Ranking for 2017 issued Vienna a 97.3 rating (Melbourne received 97.5), measuring its infrastructure, political stability, healthcare, education and culture therefore making it one of the most stable and richest countries in Europe. The results suggest that the likelihood of terror attack or natural disaster is low whilst access to commerce and public sector facilities are high.

  1. Their Education System

The Austrian higher education system is regarded as one of the best in the world. Students are taught a wide spectrum in their courses with a heavy influence from the business sectors. Many of the colleges and universities in Vienna have strong ties with respected industries which produce well rounded graduates. With 84% of the population completing education to a university standard, it is fair to say that the Austrians are a talented bunch.

  1. Their Business Culture

The Viennese do everything with class and style when it comes to business, for example during a meeting you will never be served coffee in a paper cup, a porcelain mug and saucer will always be presented. Don’t be put off by their reserved and conservative business manor. Handshakes may be the furthest they go in terms of body contact however they take reliability, punctuality and trust very seriously; these are the kind of people you want to be doing business with!

  1. The Austria Center

This exhibition center in Vienna hosts some of the biggest business conferences in Europe with a capacity of over 20,000 delegates. 2017 saw conferences hosted by Deloitte, The United Nations, Deichmann and various companies in pharmaceuticals. Spanning five floors there is room to host small meetings to trade shows to full capacity conferences.

  1. The Glorious Hotels

A city that’s built upon Roman influence wouldn’t settle for modern day glass structures to accommodate its guests. Hotels in Vienna are beautiful and ornate inside and out. Expect to see exquisite stone work, murals and architectural delights whilst interiors reflect each hotels heritage with added modern touches (like electricity). The Hotel Bristol imitates a royal palace, Hotel Imperial is marble soaked and luxurious whilst The Sacher offers guests an unparalled concierge service in a hotel that radiates grandeur. What’s more? All these hotels are part of our Luxury Hotel Collection.

  1. Sachertortes

Vienna is renounced for its pastries, cakes and chocolates. The city has a bustling coffee culture with boutique cafés on virtually every corner serving fresh coffee and sweet treats. The Sachertorte being the most famous delicacy in Vienna; a moist multilayer chocolate cake with a rich chocolate icing and apricot jam filling. The cake even has its own national day (5th December) where chefs show off their culinary skills to make perfected Sachertortes. Expect your business delegates to impress you by bringing you to some of their favourite cafes serving their national dish.

  1. Leisure Time

Unfortunately if you do find yourself with some leisure time, you’ll probably have a tough time finding something to do… as there is so much to choose from!

Take your pick from the worlds oldest zoo, the Belvedere Museum which displays Gustav Klimts’ most famous pieces of work, the Nicolo Pacassis’ designed Schonbrunn Palace, the Hofburg Imperial palace, the Habsburg palace, a whole quarter dedicated to museums and renaissance art galleries, a wealth of towering Cathedrals and there’s over 17 parks in the city to wander around in. If this all seems too overwhelming there is of course always coffee and a sachertorte.

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