Is it Safe to Travel to Russia?

Its the question everybody is asking. 

Tensions between the UK and Russia have increased due to the recent poisoning of a spy and his daughter. The story has been making headlines and the UK government hasn’t treated the attempted murders lightly. 

Twenty Nine countries have joined in solidarity to support the UK and have expelled Russian diplomats. Globally 155 individuals have been forced to leave their residence countries and go back to their home state of Russia. 


Is Russia a safe country to visit?

Currently, there is nothing stopping you to travel to Russia, as both embassies are allowing passengers through immigration. The British embassy has made no announcement of difficulties between the borders however due to the recent events, travellers should keep up to date with the latest news and monitor the situation closely. 

There is the possibility of Anti-British sentiment and harassment of those coming from the UK. It has been advised that travellers should avoid commenting on the political instabilities and remain vigilant whilst in Russia. 

Theresa May has publicly announced that Royal Family members who were due to spectate at the upcoming World Cup will no longer be attending. If you were lucky enough to get tickets to the grand sporting event, are you now unsure of what to do? If the government believes the country is not safe enough for the Royal Family, is it safe enough for other citizens?

If you do need to travel to Russia in the upcoming weeks, we have created a list of travel tips and safety advice which should make the journey easier. Read our Travel Weekly article about how our safety advice saved the life of our client from the Russian Government. 

Safety Tips for Travelling to Russia:

  • Discrimination is an integral part of Russian society, most ethnic, religious and social minorities often fall victim to intolerance. We advise that those who don’t fit the normative mould to stay in cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg where it is relatively safer. 
  • Keep your passport on you at all times. This may seem counterintuitive, however, if you find yourself in a difficult situation with police, presenting your passport has been known to save travellers from dubious fines or even arrest.
  • Become familiar with areas of the city that are known to be dangerous and avoid them. Ask hotel personnel which areas to stay clear of and what the safest method of travel from your hotel to your destination is. Avoid travelling out of city centres and tourist areas, especially at night. 
  • Avoid any protests or political marches as these have a reputation for turning volatile quickly in Russia. Especially due to recent hostility towards the UK, British travellers should be aware of planned protests and stay away from the area. 
  • Do not overstay your allocated time according to your Visa, restrictions are enforced strictly in Russia and outstaying your welcome can result in fines, detainment, deportation or lifetime bans. 
  • Using a Travel Management company like MB Private Clients will relieve you of stresses, as we monitor the current political situation and adhere to your safety at all times. 
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