My travel agent saved my life. REALLY.

Travel Weekly, Cover Story, 11 September 2017

Our client Robert Amsterdam, one of the world’s top international lawyers, knew the perils of defending one of Vladimir Putin’s enemies in Russia but he didn’t know his travel agent would be the one to alert him of his imminent arrest. Read about how MB Private Client’s CEO, Michael Beagleman, worked tirelessly with his team, executing a strategy to evade the clutches of President Putin and save Robert’s life.


A simple solution to complex problems: Communicate

Travel Weekly, 11 September 2017

Helping clients get through difficult situations is all in a typical workday for Michael Beagelman, CEO of MB Private Clients in London. Whether it’s dealing with damages to a hotel room inflicted by an intoxicated member of a rock band’s traveling party or something far more serious like assisting a client in the middle of a terrorist attack, lending a critical hand in a client’s time of need has become second nature to Beagelman.


A Lesson of Mumbai: Have a Safety Plan

The New York Times, 9 December 2008

The deadly attacks in Mumbai, which targeted areas favoured by tourists, including two of the city’s most luxurious hotels — the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower and the Oberoi — have raised concerns about the safety of guests at even the best accommodations. Technology came into play in some rescues. Michael Beagelman, Chief Executive of MB Private Clients, was able to exchange text messages with a British client at the Taj on her honeymoon.

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