Common Misconceptions of Business Travel


There seems to be a number of questionable ideas that are held by the general public in regards to business travel. Some stem from a time when Pam Ann was pioneering the skies, whilst some are just pure misconceptions. Here is a list to help bust those myths!


“It must be great being abroad all the time!”


After checking in to the hotel most travellers put on their comfortable trainers and head to the city centre to explore a national museum. Business travellers, on the other hand, don’t get such pleasures; often they slip into their sleekest pair of Giorgio Armani’s’ and head to a conference. Whilst they may look suave, the networking and the slow residual crippling of the feet definitely sets this apart from a holiday. Also, the constant jet lag, living out of a suitcase and the longing for your family starts to take its toll.


“You must be happy with the rise of Bleisure travel”


Most companies set tight itineraries for their employees; if they are out of the office then it has to be justified. A 2012 survey found that business travellers believe they worked harder whilst away and over 50% perceived to work more than twice as much. Bleisure travel is a phenomenon with Millenial business travellers, as their responsibilities increase over the coming years, will they still be adding on leisure days?


“You get the luxury of flying in Business Class”


Unless you are part of a large international company or a serious high flyer, the likelihood of the yearly travel budget to accommodate business class flights every. single. trip. is mere fantasy. The reality is that most business travellers fly economy even on low budget carriers.


“Do you not get tired of always wearing a suit?”


You may see business travellers in suits on the aircraft but they aren’t wearing their glad rags for the fun of it. They probably have a meeting scheduled as soon as they land, if there is the opportunity to travel comfortably, why wouldn’t they take it?

Rumours of yesteryear still persist that wearing a suit gives you more of a chance to get upgraded. In today’s economic climate upgrades are based on whom you know, not what you wear.


“You must get stressed arranging so much travel”


Many businesspeople have a secret weapon, the travel management company! Whilst the need for a travel agent in leisure travel has reduced, it’s flourishing in the business world. Why decline a service that secures discounted rates that are cheaper than online fares, a safety net for when things go wrong and knowledgeable real human beings?


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