7 Accessories Every Business Traveller Needs

Travelling on business can sometimes be a stressful affair; the airport security, the flight and the midnight hotel check-in can all take a toll. Here are 7 products and accessories that will make the whole experience easier for you.

1. First Aid Kit

If you’re a global business traveller sometimes you may find yourself in some situations where medical help is needed. Having a travel sized first aid kit could be your saviour to a nasty paper cut or an unexpected cold. The first aid kit can also double up as a sewing kit for emergency clothing repairs when rips in embarrassing places occur.

2. Wrinkle Release Spray



The night before your flight and you’ve ironed your business attire to crisp perfection. After you’ve unpacked at the hotel you wonder why you even bothered. Creases and crinkles are a plenty on your ‘business best’ however a wrinkle release spray does exist (works best on pure cotton garments). Spray it directly onto the folds on your clothes and give them a little tug to ‘iron’ out the creases, voilà, you’re all set for the day ahead. Now, if only it was that easy for the wrinkles on your face.

3. Battery Phone Case

Whilst portable battery packs are useful, battery phone cases are better. They stop you from looking like a business cyborg, with wires coming out of pockets into the devices in your hands. Quality battery cases can be found for most smartphones at reasonable prices with nice durable designs that can give you an extra full charge.

4. Tablet Keyboard Case

Many business travellers are making the switch and leaving their laptops at home. Tablets are lighter, cause less hassle for airport security and perform the same functions. The only problem is that they lack a keyboard thus typing is awkward after prolonged periods of time. A Bluetooth connected keyboard case resolves this issue as well improving posture and productivity.

5. Quality Headphones



Two words: Noise Cancelling!
Investing in some wireless noise cancelling headphones can improve your journey immensely. Feel the full orchestral scale of Gabriel Faure’s beautiful catalogue whilst writing up reports or feel the cinematic boom if you decide to watch an in-flight movie instead.

6. Portable Micro Projector



An HD micro projector that can fit in the palm of your hand, wirelessly connecting to your tablet, phone and laptop may sound like a fantasy but it’s a very real reality. Whip out this projector when the time calls for spur of the moment meetings and you’ll look like a professional. We promise not to tell upper management about your movie marathons projected in the hotel room later that evening.

7. Visas and Passports

Lastly, whilst this isn’t exactly an accessory, it’s a necessity. You aren’t going to be going anywhere without a valid passport and the correct Visas. Business people will know the struggles of having to organise their travel documentation, MB Private Clients are able to ease the pressure and ensure all documentation and related government fees are submitted accurately the first time.

View our Visa and Passport services, we have an in-house visa specialist team who are ready to resolve your immigration issues.  

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