MB Private Clients is a travel management consultancy providing all aspects of expertise and support relating to travel, visas and security. In today’s uncertain travel world, our unique hands-on service has become invaluable to the day-to-day lives of corporates, high-profile individuals and celebrities.

With a global reach through our strategic partnerships, MB Private Clients takes a concierge approach to each client facilitating an unprecedented offering from start to finish.

Key Services:

fancybox_overlay  Corporate Travel: Flights, Hotels, Ground Transportation

fancybox_overlay  International Visa and Passport service 

fancybox_overlay  Investor and Entrepreneurial Visas 

fancybox_overlay  Visa Refusals Assistance and Negotiating Permissions on a limited and/or permanent basis

fancybox_overlay  Travel Mobilisation and Repatriation



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