UK Entrepreneur and Investor visas

UK Entrepreneur and Investor visas

MB Private Clients offers a comprehensive immigration solution for prospective clients looking to invest in the UK. Our solution is based on our trusted business partnerships to invest into major and well known franchising stores.

Objectives for our clients:

fancybox_overlay Receive UK entry for primary applicant and his/her family within 45 days of application

fancybox_overlay Acquire profitable cash generating franchise business in the UK that complies with the UK immigration law

fancybox_overlay Hire, Manage and oversee designated legal counsel and auditors

fancybox_overlay Operate business until ILR (Indefinite Leave of Remain) is received

fancybox_overlay British Passport within 6 years

fancybox_overlay Handle all aspects of client’s affairs ranging from business development to compliance, accounting and legal

fancybox_overlay Provide coaching to prospective immigrants for English test and interview with UK Immigration Officer

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